Ruth Murambadoro

Ruth Murambadoro is a researcher at the Centre for Sexualities, AIDS and Gender (CSA&G), University of Pretoria. She completed her doctoral studies at the University of Pretoria working on the lived experiences of survivors of political violence in rural Zimbabwe and the processes of justice they pursue to heal their wounds. Ruth is a three-time recipient of the SSRC Next Gen fellowship and former board member of the African Studies Association (ASA), USA. Her research interests are political violence, transitional justice, gender justice, governance, social justice and African justice systems. Some of her publications have appeared in the African Journal for Conflict Resolution (AJCR), the Strategic Review of Southern Africa (SRSA), OSSREA and Kujenga Amani to mention a few. At the Centre she is involved in research work focusing on providing access to justice for victims of violence and combating gender-based violence. She also conducts research methodology workshops to postgraduate students in the Faculty of Humanities at UP and partner NGOs in Zimbabwe and South Africa under the Irish Aid Project. Her goal is to enhance the research capacity of emerging social scientists in Africa to ensure they efficiently gather and use empirical evidence to address wicked problems in society. Email ruth.murambadoro@up.ac.za

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