Manuscripts should be sent in a Word document, along with a short biography, to the editors at with the subject line: “Kujenga Amani.” Please review Kujenga Amani’s submission guidelines below before sending in your contribution. The editors are always happy to discuss ideas with potential authors and respond to any queries you may have.

Length and Format

  • In order to increase readability and accessibility, we consider and accept manuscripts between 800 and 1000 words in length. Exceptions may be made if deemed appropriate by the editors.
  • If possible, please send a high quality image/photo along with your essay; either one that you have taken yourself or that you have the rights to. We typically feature articles alongside images. [note that the editors reserve the right to approve the image that accompanies every piece].
  • Titles: please keep your title short: Ideally, not more than 12 words and/or less than 100 characters. Please ensure that the title communicates the topic/essence of the piece to the reader.
  • Please send, along with your essay, a short bio (less than 120 words) that includes your name (as you want it to appear in publication), your institutional affiliation and position, your highest educational attainment and research field, major publications (if applicable), and notable accomplishments. You may also send us a link to your full bio on your organization’s website.

Audience, writing style and language

  • Our main aim is to increase understanding of peacebuilding research and practice in Africa. Articles should therefore be evidence-based and written with a relatively broad audience in mind, including practitioners, policymakers, and non-academics.
  • To get a sense of what topics we publish on, have a look at some of our articles and visit our About page.
  • We try to achieve a style that is simple and clear, yet professional. For the purposes of reaching a broad audience, we encourage writing that is concise, avoids jargon, with a clear and well-defined argument.
  • Write your essay as a standalone piece, even if it summarizes material in a longer paper or journal article. Try to present all of your argument and evidence within the text and avoid relying too heavily on information contained in external sources.


  • Please make sure that your references are done in the Chicago Manual Style.
  • Although we prefer to use links, we also accept citations for references when sources are not available online. We recommend not more than 10 hyperlinks per article. Please link any direct quotations or data to online sources, especially if you use figures or make claims that might be contentious. Links should be used to direct readers to more detailed reports or associated research, news items, and other online sources.
  • Please try to avoid using footnotes if possible and integrate material directly into the text.

Editing Process and Publication

  • Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial team, who will edit the piece to enhance readability to the forum’s wider audience. If substantive changes are made, the author will be sent the final version of their essay to review prior to publication.

For further information, and to submit an essay, please email the editors at:

For more information about the African Peacebuilding Network, please visit our website.

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