Tracey Muradzikwa

Tracey Muradzikwa is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Studies, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa. She holds a master of science in international relations from the University of Zimbabwe. Tracey has taught feminist theory and politics at Wits. Her research focuses on traditional leaders and politics in Zimbabwe since 1980, women, and gender politics in the Global South. Her thesis focuses on “State law” and women in chieftaincy succession crisis of Nswazi village, Zimbabwe. She examines the strategies and elements of identity used in the legitimacy of Indunakazi Mabhena, the first female Nguni chief in Zimbabwe. She is a three-time SSRC Next General Social Science in Africa fellow: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship, Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship, and the Doctoral Dissertation Completion.

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