Hippolyt Pul

Hippolyt Pul is a multidisciplinary scholar-practitioner with more than 35 years of work in international development planning and management. He is the Executive Leader of the Institute for Peace and Development (IPD– www.ipdafrica.org), which provides knowledge creation and learning services to a broad range of national and international development agencies and actors to support evidence-based, inclusive, and holistic intervention planning, management, learning, and accountability. Hippolyt’s research and service interests focus on the complexities in the intersections between governance, socioeconomic development, social cohesion, conflict, and peacebuilding programming. He has led many consultancy services and published journal articles, book chapters, and presented conference papers on issues that bridge over the different sectors of his research and work interests. He holds a PhD in International Conflict Analysis and Resolution; a master’s degree in public and social Policy; and several postgraduate certificates and diplomas. Hippolyt is a recipient of the 2022 APN Individual Research Fellowship Award, and he lives and works out of Ghana.

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